Our Process

Beacon Financial Group works closely with our clients to provide a robust, intelligent plan to address their needs. Our process includes:

Identify Goals and Objectives

Before we can plan your route, we need to determine where you want to go. To help identify goals and objectives we ask all clients to complete a questionnaire which we will review together. This financial “snap shot” helps us get started and enables you to organize and prioritize the important things for which you need to plan.

Analyze Current Situation

All aspects of your current situation are reviewed, in confidence, by our knowledgeable team. Using information from step 1, our extensive knowledge base, software applications and number crunching, we prepare a comprehensive analysis of your personal financial map. It includes current strengths and areas for improvement with regard to your current situation and specified goals.

Fortify Strengths

After the case analysis, we can begin to make recommendations to help fortify existing strengths. We will not suggest changes to components of your portfolio where they are not necessary. We believe, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”

Redirect Weaknesses Into Strengths

Our advisors will provide recommendations on two levels. First, we will discuss our general results, or “the big picture,” such as how much you may need to save each month to be able to retire in 10 years with an income of approximately $75,000, etc. Second, we will recommend a specific product, or group of products along with investment schedules that we believe will help you address your goals. We believe these suggestions could be the right choices to help turn your financial weaknesses into strengths.

Set Your Plan Into Action

Once our advisors have reviewed your game plan and educated you on all of the choices recommended, it is time for you to set your plan into action. All of our advisors possess the necessary securities and insurance licenses to help you implement the recommended adjustments, moving you closer to addressing your goals.

Reach Your Financial Goals

Your advisor is your ally who will help you stay your course, educate you about new or changing financial issues and help you reach your goals. At a minimum, we meet face-to-face with clients annually to review their financial situation, ensure that all goals and investments are on track and evaluate investment performance. Our advisors carefully monitor client accounts, daily economic factors and stay on top of late breaking news to help anticipate and respond to changes which may impact your situation. We also provide newsletters and account updates. We are ALWAYS accessible via telephone and in person to answer questions and provide first class client service.

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